Nonferrous Metals (Copper Permits)

Deputy Al Alvarez:

Location:  1201 3rd Avenue, Conway, SC

Contact Number:  (843) 915-7704

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM                

South Carolina state law requires that anyone wanting to transport, buy or sell “nonferrous metals” (metals not containing significant quantities of iron or steel, including copper wire, cooper clad steel wire, copper pipe, copper bars, copper sheeting, aluminum, a product that is a mixture of aluminum and copper, catalytic converters, and stainless steel beer kegs or containers) must have a permit.  This permit is free of charge and must be issued by your local Sheriff's Office in the County that you reside.   The permit is valid statewide and expires on the person's birthday on the 2nd calendar year after the permit was issued.  The permit must be in your possession while transporting and/or selling "nonferrous metals"

Listed below are the requirements for obtaining a permit:

Must complete the permit form in black ink, and bring it with you to the Sheriff's Office along with the following:  

(Click here to download copy of the form); (Please don't fold or bend the document)

Driver’s License (original), South Carolina Identification Card (original) or Military Identification Card (original) and the original registration card for the vehicle you will be operating when transporting or buying the metals

For renewals
, bring in old permit and Driver's License, South Carolina Identification Card or Military Identification Card. 

If vehicle has changed, bring in new vehicle registration card for the vehicle you will be operating when transporting or buying the metals.

Once you have everything you need, please come to the Sheriff's Office to have your permit validated.  If your form is not validated by the Sheriff's Office, you WILL NOT be able to transport, buy or sell metals.  (Please report a lost or stolen permit.)

****Non Ferrous Metal Permits, the office to obtain your permit is 1201 3rd Avenue, Conway, SC, the old Court House. ****