Interesting Facts


Old Horry County Courthouse

  • Horry is pronounced "O-Ree".

  • The Horry County Sheriff's Office is separate from the Horry County Police Department.       

  • The Horry County Sheriff's Office serves papers, serves warrants and maintains & secures the Court House.  We are responsible for serving approximately 1,700 Civil Papers each month.    

  • Fingerprinting is available Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.   

  • Non-Ferrous Metal Permits began August 17, 2011.  Permits may be obtained Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m in the Old Court House at 1201 3rd Avenue, Conway.

  • The Horry County Sheriff’s Office has a long and proud history that began in 1801. The Office of the Sheriff was located in the Historic Courthouse on 3rd Avenue in Conway until the Government and Justice Center opened for business in May of 2002. 

Horry County Sheriffs | 1801- Present 
Many of these old family names can still be found throughout Horry County with new generations of family members working hard to improve their communities.

John Durant 1801

Bethel Durant 1807

John Beaty 1812

Peter Vaught 1815

Robert Sessions 1820

Beny Gause, Jr. 1823

Beny Gause 1824

Josiah T. Sessions 1828

Soloman Sessions 1832

James Beaty 1834

Garrett Gorven 1838

Benjamin Bruton 1842

Thomas Sessions 1843

Josiah T. Sessions 1844

James J. Kirton 1847

William I. Graham 1851

William H. Johnston 1856

William L. Graham 1859

William H. Johnston 1863

Daniel Lewis 1864

A. H. Skipper 1869

Frank L. Sessions 1877

John A. Mayo 1885

R.G. ”Dieb” Sessions 1886

W. J. Sessions 1890

Ben Sessions 1900

J. A. Lewis 1912

John Chestnut 1928

Edward Sessions 1932

Don Burroughs 1940 (one week)

John Dix 1940

Edward Sessions 1942

Ernest Sasser 1942

John T. Henry, Sr. 1952

Tom Cannon 1960

M.L. Brown, Jr. 1968

Arlon L. Small 1988

John T. Henry, Jr. 1992

Phillip E. Thompson 2000