Functions of the Detention Center

J. Reuben Long Detention Center has several functions that serve our community that help keep it safe.  The following are some of the services that the Sheriff's Office provides at the Detention Center:    

  • Provides a safe, secure environment for the incarceration of persons admitted to the facility by various agencies within the Criminal Justice System.
  • Complies with Federal and State regulations on the operation of the facility and in the performance of the staff's official duties.
  • Provides the highest quality rehabilitative programs and services possible for offenders who make a commitment to change their lives while incarcerated in our facilities.
  • Create effective management and professional development of departmental personnel by providing quality training for all staff in accordance with State and Federal guidelines and South Carolina Minimum standards.
  • Collaborates with other criminal justice agencies within Horry County to provide efficient coordination and use of resources.
  • Incarcerates people charged with criminal offenses who are awaiting trial.
  • Houses inmates sentenced in court and serving 90 days or less for criminal offenses.
  • Houses inmates sentenced in family court.
  • Protects the rights of victims. 
  • Ensures the safety of Horry County and its citizens.
  • Engages in community outreach programs, partner with local civic organizations providing youth programs, and offer Juvenile Pre-Trial Diversion jail tours.