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The J. Reuben Long Detention Center Training Division is designed to keep corrections officers ready to meet the challenges of law enforcement issues. The unit was established with the philosophy that effective law enforcement comes with trained and educated personnel.  As liability issues increase, training becomes one of the most important aspects of any agency.

Deputies and corrections officers receive 40 hours of annual training in the areas of firearms, response to resistance, defensive tactics, defensive driving, first aid, CPR., computer operations, crime scene protection and preservation, legal updates and other topics. These training opportunities serve to improve the performance of our personnel, better enabling them to serve the public.

The Sheriff’s Office maintains several in-house instructors on topics that are taught on a regular basis and brings instructors to the facility to train on special topics. Curriculum is maintained and updated by the training staff to ensure material taught is applicable and current.

The Training Division is also responsible for preparing new recruits for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.  Recruits also attend the Training Division Orientation program. 

Hiring Process

To become a Corrections Officer at the Detention Center, an applicant must pass each of the following:

1. Written Exam
2. Physical Agility Test (Click here for Information)
3. Background Investigation
4. Credit Check
5. Oral Interview
6. Medical Exam

Once an applicant satisfies the requirements and is hired, he or she will undergo two distinct phases of training. 

Phase One
Phase One includes completion of a six-week training program, conducted at the facility.
1.  Direct Supervision Theory and Applications
2.  Roles and responsibilities of a correctional officer
3.  Ethics
4.  Contraband
5.  Defensive Tactics
6.  Restraint Techniques
7.  Booking and releasing inmates
8.  Reporting and record keeping
9.  Supervising Inmates
10. Emergency Procedures
11. CPR/First Aid
12. Gangs
13. PREA

Phase Two 
Phase Two requires the officer, within the first year of employment, to complete the three-week Basic Jail training course taught at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, South Carolina. Classes taught at the Academy will include:
1. Criminal Justice System and Process
2. Classification of Inmates
3. Contraband 
4. Defensive Tactics
5. Medical Issues
6. Restraints
7. Supervising Inmates
8. Booking Procedures
9. Transporting Inmates
10. Gangs
11. Jail Security and Searches
12. Stress Management
13. Interpersonal Communication Skills
14. Report Writing
15. Juvenile Procedures
16. Drug Identification

*Corrections Officers work a 12.25 hour shift. Shifts are day shift (6 a.m. - 6 p.m.) or night shift (6 p.m. - 6 a.m.) with a rotating weekly schedule (Week A - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday;  Week B- Wednesday and Thursday.) 

*The Detention Center provides a minimum of 40 hours of annual training for all corrections officers.


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To request an application for employment, please click on the hyperlink below.  Please include your name and address in the e-mail.

Employment Application Packet - word doc. - able to type information

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